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VENERE patio awnings
Iron patio awnings with pvc covering
CLOE patio awnings
Aluminium patio awnings with polycarbonate covering
AVIOR patio awnings
Pergolas retractable whit pvc covering
GENA patio awnings
Iron patio awnings with pvc covering

Patio awnings - Aluminium garden cover - Aluminium pergola - Iron pergola kits
The patio awnings are delivered in simple mounting kit with easy instructions for the aluminium pergola and the iron pergola kits. The different models of the aluminium garden cover with modular structur in painted aluminium and covering in compact polycarbonate with uv-rays and hail protection or pvc tissue  may offer the possibility to realize patio awnings and iron pergola kits for covering your terraces and outdoor spaces  with real elegant design made in Italy fitting to all different architectural buildings. Please have a look on our technical features of the different solutions for the aluminium pergola: chose your aluminium garden cover in order to know the price for buying on line directly from the producer on our shop -  this is a big advantage.

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