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PRESTIGE patio furniture in iron and teak
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Set patio furniture in iron and  teak.
PRESTIGE is an elegant, long lasting outdoor patio furniture collection - a never ending tradition of quality and design.

Patio table in galvanized iron and teak  
The folding patio tables are realized in galvanized iron with weather-proof painting. The tops are made in teak with fine shaped finishing with metal frame like the structure material. There is a central hole with cap for fitting your sun umbrella for realxing in the shadow.    

  • POLAR 80 folding patio table for 4 persons.   

  • CIGNO 120 folding patio table for  4-6 persons.

  • BARNARD D.120 folding patio table for 5 persons.

  • PEGASI 160 folding patio table for 6 persons.

Category : patio folding table  

Arm chair - patio chair in iron and teak  

VEGA - AGENA patio chair and arm chair realized in galvanized iron with weather-proof painting.  Patio chairs and arm chairs competed with teak-wood staves, giving you comfort and resistance.  

Category: patio folding chair and arm chair  

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