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General conditions


  • We deliver the products from Monday to Friday.

  • In the schedule of any single product you may find its delivery time.

  • This delivery time is necessary for the production of the article, quality control and packaging before transport.

  • Every product will show you the delivery time in the purchasing schedule when you place your order.

* We always try to deliver in time in a good commercial, reasonable way. However, we may not guarantee the delivery in time.
**The delivery time starts when we have received the payment. If you pay with credit card, the delivery time starts in the moment  you place your order. If you pay with bank transfer, there may be necessary 5-7 working days to make the money transfer which means longer
delivery time compared to the credit card time.


We don’t make shippings during Sundays or public holidays. Any order placed after 12.00 a.m. before Sundays or public holidays, may not be elaborated till the following working day.


Deliveries of the products are made during the working hours of the transport company in your zone.


All products are packed with the best available protection for safe deliveries to your home or office address. If the delivery destination is upstairs, the transport company assures the delivery to the ground floor; the transport of the goods upstairs is on the behalf of the client. If the destination is on the ground floor, the transport company may choose the best position for the delivery.
Special note: please verify directly when receiving the goods if there is any damage on the packaging.


Although the transport company takes care of a perfect distribution of the packaging, there may be some mistake during the delivery. For this reason, please verify if the identifying label on the packaging corresponds to the production code of your order confirm. In case of any mistake, please don’t accept the package and write your motivation on the transport receipt; this will enable us to contact the transport company and find the right packaging.


Our products are always packed in the best way and we use only qualified transport companies. Even so, the material may arrive with some damage. If the package shows evident damages, please write it on the receipt of the transport company which has to be signed on the goods’ receipt, writing exactly the visual state of the material to enable us to make up for our loss with the transport company.

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you receive a damaged package from the transport company and you don’t mention it on the receipt, we are not able to guarantee the total/partial substitution of the products and we won’t make you up for the loss of the material.


Usually we deliver the complete order. However, as  products made to measure and standard one have different delivery times, for orders with different product types (standard ones and these ones made to measure), we may split the shipping. For this reason, we reserve ourselves to split transports if one of the articles ordered is not available in the moment. You won’t find any additional transport cost in this case.

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